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Music, Movies, TV, Art / Watch shopping
« on: Today at 02:54:57 PM »
I'm looking for that one 'this is my best watch' watch.   I think I found it

Leave it to the Japanese, though.

I do.. For years now I buy most of my cloths from Uniqlo.   I shopped them in Japan before they came to the US, now you can find stores here.    I guarantee if you walk in the store you will walk out with a few things  ;)

Yes, my daughter moved in across the street. With the rehab it looks brand new. It survived because it was built with a steel superstructure, one of the first to be built with steel instead of iron. The buildings with iron superstructures had to go.

The windows are special, too.

I lost it all.. the brick building, the tailor craft, the brand, the style I tell you I lost it all

I bet you never heard of this brand Sweet-Orr.

It was a worker clothing brand and for decades had their brick factory right on the main street in town.   

Somehow wearing Sweet-Orr for kids in the 70s and 80s was the shit and they had overalls and colored denim.  Cooler than Levi's.

The building burned and was destroyed.

The brand moved to South Africa

re: London, I am reminded of a short gig I did in NY at an architect firm called Kohn Pederson Fox, building models.   Arrived at work for my first day and was tasked with building a cardboard model of a section of London (from pictures) to show context for a new tower proposal.    There was an urgent deadline and that first day lasted 24 hours.    I worked there for one week and ran up quite a lot of hours and it was kind of fun (I was young and had a partner working with me).   I have pics of the model I'm gonna scan them in.  Never followed up to see if the building was built!

Speaking of architecture I came across this gem today:

Very cool. I've been trying to find out more about the J. P. Smith Shoe Company but haven't been able to find much.

I did find The Chicago School of Shoe Making. I think I'm going to take a class.

I have gotten into heritage boots. Viberg. Truman. Good stuff, along with Japanese denim.

Beautiful.   Artistic brick work and masonry is a lost art. 

So many things influence architecture here's a short primer on London's Sightlines.

Nice.. I am very knowledgeable about the history of zoning laws and their affect on the skyline in NYC but not so much about London til that.   In case the opposite is true!

If people are not "feeling well" as you state,
shouldn't they stay home instead of possibly
infecting innocent people?

Yes, certainly.   But as we know this virus can transmit even if you don't have symptoms.   That is why it's recommended to wear a mask in the current situation - you may have it and transmit without knowing about it.

Here's a thought to your question peps.
If the scared people going out with masks
are protected by their "masks", why should
they care if I do not have a mask on?
If their masks are "protecting" them, why worry?

Masks are meant to protect other people from your germs.   In some societies, like Japan which I'm familiar with, people wear masks when they aren't feeling well.    It's a sign of respect and concern for others, for the common good.   This is the heart of the reason right wingers can't can't accept it.   

No doubt. Architecture was just another front on which the Cold War was fought.

It is a good thing communism lost on this front.   Socialism produced some awful architecture generally and Romania is an example of this taken to extremes.     They have the grandiose heavy institutional buildings but also they did wholesale destruction in small towns and villages replacing historic buildings with concrete slabs lacking any historical references.        I'm still bitching about this regarding my home town so I feel for the people of Romania who went through this.

My comment: Well well, that's saying it like it is. NEW APPROACH: If you are afraid of this virus STAY HOME YOURSELF and don't ram your fear down everyone else's throat. PERFECT.

So you have no problem putting other people at risk when you go out, don't social distance, wear a mask , etc  ???


(Stalin's) Palace of Culture and Science. Warsaw, Poland.

Perhaps took some inspiration from Woolworth Building in NYC (1913) must step in the lobby if visiting NYC 


Music, Movies, TV, Art / the heaviest building in the world is..
« on: May 23, 2020, 10:43:39 AM »

The Palace of the Parliament is the seat of the Parliament of Romania, located atop Dealul Spirii in Bucharest, the national capital.

The building was designed and supervised by chief architect Anca Petrescu, with a team of approximately 700 architects, and constructed over a period of 13 years (1984–97) in Socialist realist and modernist Neoclassical architectural forms and styles, with socialist realism in mind.  The Palace was ordered by Nicolae Ceaușescu (1918–1989), the dictator of Communist Romania and the second of two longtime autocrats in power in the country since World War II,  during a period in which the personality cult of political worship and adoration was noticeably increased for him and his family.

As of 2008, the Palace of the Parliament is valued at €3 billion ($3.4 billion), making it also the most expensive administrative building in the world.  The cost of heating and electric use and lighting alone exceeds $6 million per year, comparable to the total cost for powering a medium-sized city

General Discussion / Re: What makes the mopes so desperate...
« on: May 22, 2020, 12:34:25 PM »
here's where right wingers heads are at right now

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