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Music, Movies, TV, Art / Gothic Friday
« on: March 29, 2013, 09:59:01 AM »
Peter Murphy- Cuts You Up

You really over estimate the power of government when it applies to personal liberties. If you believe that salt will ever be banned, even in only large amounts, you're sadly mistaken.

My freedoms are afford by my own efforts. They aren't dependent on what you pay or what you think. I'm wealthy because I choose to be and I take care of my own. So please don't insult my intelligence and tell me you'll be paying higher premiums to pay for my freedom.

Salt will never be banned, we need it to survive.      I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.

Quite obviously the Obama regime is planning to re-enable the ACORN civil defense paramilitary outfit and arm them to round up all the conservatives.. that's what the FEMA camps are being set up for..

oh damn I just blabbed it  :-\

the entire discography by "Everything but the Girl" is fantastic;  i have everything that Ms Thorn has ever committed her voice to i believe.  she can't come back soon enough.

You had the one I posted??

although for rainy days and voices nothing beats the incomparable Liz Fraser and "the Cocteau Twins" even if no one has ever figured out what the hell she's saying.  :)

seriously though,  this band was life-changing live;  louder than you can possibly believe.  like wall of sound loud.

Love the Cocteau Twins, never saw them live.   No idea what she's singing either  :-\

Iceblink Luck - Cocteau Twins Small | Large

So you believe that .0004% of the population can speak for 99.9996% of the population?

Weak? I suppose so because you know it just decimated your argument.

Two points..

1) LOL
2) wow


This will work for them as well as "a women's body can shut down pregnancies due to rape"

Where are the numbers on the question of whether it should be legal to manufacture, sell, buy or possess a rifle that looks like a military firearm?  I could have sworn that's what we were discussing.

I have not heard anyone propose gun control on how a weapon looks.

Nobody has been drafted into the military since 1972. He was there because he wanted to be.

"You pays your money and you takes your chances."

from his letter

I joined the Army two days after the 9/11 attacks. I joined the Army because our country had been attacked. I wanted to strike back at those who had killed some 3,000 of my fellow citizens. I did not join the Army to go to Iraq, a country that had no part in the September 2001 attacks and did not pose a threat to its neighbors, much less to the United States.

In The News / Re: The Cyprus Bank Grab: Could it Happen Here?
« on: March 18, 2013, 09:31:54 AM »
Any policy decision which leads to a run on the banks doesn't seem like a good idea to me.     If they ever considered it during the George W Bush financial meltdown of 2007-8 I am sure they quickly dismissed the idea because the economy cannot afford a run on the banks.

Gun control / Re: Go, Senator Cruz!
« on: March 15, 2013, 03:51:00 PM »
Do you mean aside from the reason that I've already stated repeatedly?  That, when it comes to semi-automatic firearms, the ratio of responsible ownership to abuse is ridiculously lopsided, and has remained so for decades?  (If you want to think of it this way, the American public has proven its ability to own and use such rifles in a responsible manner.)  How about the argument that semi-automatic weapons are used every day by a very diverse population of gun owners for target shooting, hunting and the protection of their homes and businesses?  I know for certain that the first can't be said about any of those other weapons, because it involves established history, and I strongly doubt that even the most ardent and uncompromising Second Amendment advocate (which would, I suspect, be Observer) would be other than hard pressed to defend the positive qualities of an RPG as a weapon for target shooting, or a chemical weapon for home defense.

Your argument falls apart pretty quick, doesn't it?

In your opinion, semi-automatic weapons should not be restricted because there is such a low percentage of them used to commit mass murders..

But your same argument does not hold water for you when we move to more powerful weapons.  Name a mass murder in the US which was committed with an RPG?      As Observer says, they are legal to own.   Based on your primary argument here on statistics - your argument fails when we move to a more damaging weapon.     

So you have introduced new factors in your argument.. fine, lets deal with them.

Target practice - can automatic weapons and RPGs be used for target practice?  Seems to me they can be.   Your own argument fails. 

Hunting - can automatic weapons and RPGs be used to hunting?   Seems to me they could be.  Your own argument fails. 

Home protection - can automatic weapons and RPGs be used to protect your home?   Why not?   Your own argument fails.   

Sounds ridiculous to you to have so much firepower to do these things?   That's how I feel about AR-15s and the like.   

Here's the point Doug:   for you, automatic weapons and RPGs are too dangerous.   You don't admit it but maybe you could.    For you there is a distinction somewhere between semi-automatic and automatic weapons and higher - a distinction which when crossed that weapon doesn't make sense to you that it should be legal.

You believe semi-automatic is the threshold because whether you admit it or not anything above that is too dangerous for the general public to own.    Not because of statistics, which is the argument you are making (and failed), but because the sheer firepower makes these weapons too dangerous to the public for a private citizen to own.   

Economy and Finance / This is going to make republicans very depressed
« on: March 15, 2013, 12:15:02 PM »
"I hope he fails" is just not working out well is it?

Strong Performance By Auto Sector Another Sign Of Improving Economy

If you guys want, I can refer you to a couple of deprogrammers who might be able to help you. It is not a pleasant process, but it has shown good results.

I take it we can assume the "deprogrammers" work for oil industry funded conservative think tanks?

what does that have to do with house republicans denying climate change, contrary to your statement that you didn't know anyone who did?

i just did,  factually.  i did a few weeks ago as well.  you even admitted your mistake;  of course you said it was the first one you've EVER made but it does put the lie to your above statement.


Search works

Let's see... 16 inches of snow in the last 24 hours.
Anther 9 inches of snow predicted today.
60+ mph winds this morning... trees down all over the place, power out in the village of Penasco and on Picuris Reservation.
High winds expected to continue throughout the day.
Schools, businesses, government offices closed all over the place.
Power out in the village of Penasco and on the Picuris Reservation...

Those Hadley guys sure called it on this Global Warming thing.   ::)

It depends.

If you are a Global Warming cultist, you either just ignore it or attempt to demonize those who promote it.

If you are NOT a Global Warming cultist, you examine it carefully, compare it to conditions of the past, etcetera.

How is pointing out that "Global Warming" is based on junk science and has been discredited by the world's top climatologists "arrogant"?

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