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The Media / Re: MSM: "Fake News" over Catholic Youth
« on: Yesterday at 03:57:40 PM »
--Absolutely! Any high-school kids who take a bus all the way from Kentucky to D.C. to defend humans in the womb are stand up folks. The fact that this one guy kept his composure while an aggressive adult started beating a drum in his face is a tribute to his fine upbringing. Let me ask you something Pepsi. If this character walked into the space you were occupying beating a drum in your face and caterwauling in your ear what would you do? You'd probably be within your rights to give him a shove, but I really want to know what you would have done. Turn around and run? I'm very proud that this young gentleman reacted the way that Rev Martin Luther King certainly would have. It's fitting that this happened on the weekend of Dr. King's holiday.

Personally I would have moved out of his way, and, after looking around at the idiots around me told them to STFU and show some respect.   

The Media / Re: MSM: "Fake News" over Catholic Youth
« on: Yesterday at 11:36:04 AM »
Something is seriously wrong with this school

PICTURED: Kentucky students from the same Catholic high school as the teens who taunted a Native American man were allowed to don BLACKFACE at their sports events - and openly goaded African American players

The Kentucky Catholic high school whose students were filmed taunting a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial last Friday have been called out for allowing other youngsters to wear black face at pep rallies in the last 10 years.

Covington Catholic High School has shuttered its website, Facebook page and disconnected its phone since a video of its students at the memorial went viral over the weekend.

It has not commented on the footage which it posted on its YouTube account last January.

It is titled 'Compilation video of the Colonel Crazies from over the past decade. With a Spirit that Will Not Die!'

The Media / Re: MSM: "Fake News" over Catholic Youth
« on: Yesterday at 11:13:20 AM »
As usual the leftwing wacko MSM and liberals
jumped the gun and got the facts wrong.

Did the kids with the MAGA hats actions make you proud?   

Here they are harassing a random woman before they displayed their further idiocy at the Lincoln Memorial

The Media / Re: MSM: "Fake News" over Catholic Youth
« on: Yesterday at 10:46:01 AM »
The MSM will do anything to make Trump
and his supporters look bad.

Trump supporters usually do a fine job making themselves look bad without any help needed whatsoever

Politics / Re: Levin: A look at Nasty Pelosi's Finances
« on: January 20, 2019, 11:10:18 AM »
how can anyone stand to listen to this guy with that whiny voice? 

I do not advocate shooting them because we are a nation of laws and the punishment for illegally crossing our border is not death.


Character test failed.    How about being against shooting pregnant mothers, period?   So if the law was changed to allow it, fire away OK by you  ???


No need. Mueller denied it.


"It"  ???    Actually he didn't deny "it".   It's a carefully worded statement disputing "the characterization of documents and testimony", not the underlying allegation that Trump directed Cohen to lie to congress.    What you would be looking for is something along the lines of "Trump did not direct Cohen to lie".     I'm not a gambling man but I'd put good money on it coming out Trump did direct him to lie.

Mueller has already come out against Buzzfeed -- and that's less than 24 short hours after the fake news.

I told you yesterday not to buy into that sort of crap, but you so badly wanted it to be true.

When you find an explosive story that contains only anonymous sources, walk away. Seriously, Peps, you're better than that.

"Mueller has already come out against Buzzfeed"  ???   

“BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate”

I'm not sure how you read into that statement Mueller "came out against" a web site.   

Buzzfeed has had some good Trump Russia reporting, what I did was post the article and opined what should happen IF the story was true.   

If it's not clear already, all reporting beyond court filings is mostly speculation until the Mueller report becomes public.     There is also the SDNY investigations, and the congressional investigations which will also shed light as to what the truth is.     Or, you can rest your hat on the investigation the republicans in the house uncovered  ;)


IF Cohen lied, no one told him to do it, unless it was Mueller himself.

 ???  You believe Mueller told Cohen to lie to congress about Trump's business dealings in Moscow  ???

Voting, VoterID, Voting Rights / Re: Microsoft Board mbr manipulated
« on: January 18, 2019, 03:56:46 PM »
Calypos Jones has shown he/she is unable to post links.. it's too challenging or something.  Or, he/she is simply embarrassed by the sources so he/she is playing ignorant - that is another possibility.

White House spokesman refused three times to say if Buzzfeed report is true or false

It's always best to link to the original source when you're citing something. That way, you can see where the story really came from and how good the outlet's sources were. In this case, the original source is BuzzFeed and its sources are two anonymous federal investigators.

Ask yourself if federal investigators would run to BuzzFeed instead of an more mainstream outlet. The majority of the time, when someone quotes anonymous sources -- those sources are less than honest, but, time will tell.

Here's the original.

Cohen pled guilty to lying.. I don't find it hard to believe that Trump told him to lie, myself.   The truth will come out, Cohen probably has it recorded and Mueller will have the electronic evidence.   

Can we all agree that IF this is true that it rises to the level of an impeachable offense  ???

Stupid question.

Think about it for a while and you will see why.

Stupid statement by Donald Trump.. and ditto..

Co-Authors Of Sketchy BuzzFeed Report Can’t Even Get Their Stories Straight


Hey, guys, don’t you know you’re supposed to agree on the lies beforehand?

Via Twitchy:

As Twitchy told you earlier, BuzzFeed’s Anthony Cormier admitted to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that he had “not personally” seen the evidence supporting the report he co-authored, a report claiming that Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie during congressional testimony.

The thing is, Jason Leopold, who co-authored the report with Cormier, went on MSNBC later and pretty strongly contradicted Cormier:

Looking forward to the LOLs when next month Cohen  in a public congressional under oath testimony will say Trump directed him to lie about his Moscow project.   

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