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Yes, certainly.   But as we know this virus can transmit even if you don't have symptoms.   That is why it's recommended to wear a mask in the current situation - you may have it and transmit without knowing about it.
How is swimming in the ocean compromising
peoples safety from the virus?

What do you do for a living;  to survive?
Pay attention notoc.
Retired and living on my pension.
Will file for SS next year.

Wow, RealityHasALiberalBias.

You have lost your radical liberal mentor
johnhp, and your conservative adversary
Mornac, and now your liberal protégée mayhem.

I hope you have a dog, cat, or partner to
comfort you in your depressed state.

Social distancing isn't going to destroy America.

"Conservatives" imposing minority rule have brought mass death and economic collapse. 
I truly can not believe you,  a supposed lawyer, and
self proclaimed social elite, believe Trump
has had anything at all to do with the corona virus
and financial decline of the US economy.

General Discussion / Re: Welcome JohnHP
« on: Yesterday at 04:59:52 PM »
I miss my friendship with Johnhp.

I guess he taught me, more than anyone else, the true meaning of being a radical leftist. I was naive, it turns out.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some.
And now one of your favorite protagonists are also gone.

Masks are meant to protect other people from your germs.   In some societies, like Japan which I'm familiar with, people wear masks when they aren't feeling well.    It's a sign of respect and concern for others, for the common good.   This is the heart of the reason right wingers can't can't accept it.
If people are not "feeling well" as you state,
shouldn't they stay home instead of possibly
infecting innocent people?

I don't even know what "gaslighting" means. Will you simply admit that others are not as fortunate as you, and must work but have been shut out of their livelihoods indefinitely?  Is that OK with you?  I have yet to hear you address that.   
Hey mayhem.
You are correct. Libass and notoc are elitists.
They do not care about average people trying to survive
anyway they can.

So you have no problem putting other people at risk when you go out, don't social distance, wear a mask , etc  ???
Here's a thought to your question peps.
If the scared people going out with masks
are protected by their "masks", why should
they care if I do not have a mask on?
If their masks are "protecting" them, why worry?

Get yourself out from under your bed, Frenchie.  :-*

When does the school want you back in to rearrange the classroom seating distance? Have your been told to wear a mask while you're carrying out your janitorial duties?
Mornac is no longer a member here.
He is gone for good.

Shit Hook is embarrassed about being a disabled carpenter.
You make me laugh every time
you make that false claim.

You should use a better source for
your info libass.

What do you do for a living?

Retired at end of 2016.

Your precious GOP is in trouble. Expect a rout in November.

biden is a total buffoon. How you truly can support a total imbecile is sad.

Wait for the first debate.
It will become obvious, the liberals have no chance at winning.

General Discussion / Re: “We want our churches open,”
« on: May 23, 2020, 11:34:23 AM »
Oh, he considers them "essential."  When do we suppose was the last time Trump entered a church?  If it's so essential, why are there no photo-ops of Trump in the pews, or Melania for that matter?  He's obviously just pandering to his red state evangelical base. It's so transparent, and he's willing to sacrifice lives and safety of his base for his reelection effort. They are suckers.  But of course, we all knew that.   ::)

People are wanting to go to their place of worship, knowing the possible consequences.

"Let my people go", to worship!

Only because of my wife's working relationship with the UN, I have been tested three times now--once for the virus itself (which came back negative) and twice for antibodies (both of which, confusingly, came back positive.)
Cushy government job for your wife, provides you with steady income?

Do I now believe myself to be immune and no danger to myself or others? Not a fucking chance. I am continuing to distance myself from the morons, and the poor saps who have no option but to 'get back to work,' and the heroes who chose to keep working in hospitals and care facilities and food stores.
As you say, notoc,
Oh the "poor saps" who have no option but to get back to work" supply food for their families?
That's right, moron notoc, you called them "morons and poor saps".

I will not make a hypocrite of myself and encourage anyone to do anything that I am not prepared to do myself.
That is because you are not prepared to take a chance to supply for your family. Chicken little.
You should be ashamed and embarrassed.

General Discussion / Re: What makes the mopes so desperate...
« on: May 22, 2020, 10:18:08 AM »
How do they survive and thrive at all is my question?
Survival of the fittest.
You snowflakes don't stand a chance.............

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