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I’ve given up.  I’m not sure Trump even knows what he’s saying half the time.  He’s not only without any morals or principles, but may be senile as well.  First he’s in favor of more background checks.  Then he’s not.  Then he says we have very strong background checks and references the border?  Does he know what he’s saying?  I’m sure that I don’t.

He’s running up the debt astronomically while asking the Fed to keep lowering interest rates?  It’s as if he’s burning every stick of furniture to heat the house.  He doesn’t care what it takes, or what it means for the future, as long as he keeps things artificially pumped up enough, long enough, to get re-elected. 

I no longer care what he says, or what members of his cult say.  We just need to get him out of office ASAP.
What is  "artificially pumped up" about our economy?

In The News / Re: Biden senile and a perv
« on: Today at 05:24:48 PM »
And a man who has sex with a porn star being spanked with a magazine just after his wife gave birth is a model citizen and who boasts on video about groping women is a paragon of virtue. That's perfectly normal. Daily Caller.   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Prove it flyboy.
Were you there notdougrich a.k.a.flyboy?
Any pictures, recordings ?
Another made up lie like "Russian" collusion.

In The News / Re: Biden senile and a perv
« on: Yesterday at 07:12:09 PM »
That is not a response, but a deflection. You're ignoring the video because you can't refute it.  Your quote was just proven wrong as usual. How many lives have you saved?
Doctors and medical interns who are saving lives and keeping people well are being deported and having their lives ruined at a time when this country faces a severe doctor shortage.
Are you retarded and stupid flyboy?
Your illegal aliens have killed thousands and thousands
of U.S. citizens.
Very sickening that you support people breaking
our laws who end up killing innocent American citizens.
You are pathetic, fake doug/flyboy.

In The News / Re: Biden senile and a perv
« on: Yesterday at 05:01:56 PM »

Undocumenteds in medical school saving lives and making people well here in the U.S. and you want them deported, despite a doctor shortage of 120,000. Let's deport them. That's brilliant, right? What do you do for Americans?
Undocumented illegal aliens killing American citizens.

Families of Americans killed by illegal immigrants take issue with claim Trump is ‘manufacturing a crisis’

Several "Angel parents" -- the mothers and fathers of U.S. citizens killed by illegal immigrants -- are accusing top Democrats of being out of touch with “regular America” after they claimed President Trump is “manufacturing a crisis” at the border to win support for the construction of his long-promised wall.

“I’m just wondering if Nancy Pelosi had one of her children or grandchildren assaulted in the same way that my son was assassinated if she would speak the same way. I just wonder about that,” Jeffrey Mazin, the father of Alexander Mazin.
Alexander Mazin, 27, was shot and killed at a gym parking lot in San Diego in February last year. The suspected shooter, Ernesto Castellanos Martinez, is reported to be the ex-boyfriend of the woman Mazin had recently started dating. Martinez, investigators say, is also a twice-deported illegal immigrant who has since fled to Mexico.

“The man straddled him and pumped four more bullets into his chest. My son died there in the parking lot, like a rat in the street,” his father told Fox News last year. “Obviously every time I tell it, the emotion pours out of me.”
“It may seem 'manufactured' to them because they are sitting safely behind walls, but for those of us out in regular America, we are victims, we are prone to the victimization of illegal aliens and crime,” she said on ‘Fox & Friends’ Wednesday morning.

What are you doing for American citizens faker doug?
Protecting illegal aliens killing American citizens ?
Yep. You are as guilty as the murderers.


In The News / Biden senile and a perv
« on: August 19, 2019, 03:14:14 PM »
Biden Bizarrely Says There’s Three Genders, Then Grabs Young Female Questioner By The Arm And Insists He Loves Gay People

“Mr. Vice President, I’m a student here and I’m wondering, how many genders are there?” the female questioner, later identified as a Turning Point USA field staffer named Katie, said.

“Pardon me?” asked Biden.

“How many genders are there?” Katie repeated.

“There are at least three,” Biden responded.

“What are they?” asked Katie.

“Don’t play games with me kid,” said Biden as he walked away. But a few seconds later he turned around, grabbed her arm, and said, “By the way, first one to come out for [gay] marriage was me.”

My name is Katie. I am born and raised in Iowa, and I’m currently a student in Iowa. Today I showed up at the state fair to ask former Vice President Joe Biden a question about gender. When I asked the question it took a few seconds for the question to register, and then he responded with ‘three.’ I asked a follow-up question. I asked, ‘Okay, what are they?’ Joe Biden looked at me and said, ‘Don’t mess with me, kid.’ I started to walk away, and then it doesn’t stop there. He grabs my arm and then pulls me back to make eye contact with him again and he yells something about marriage at me. So I walked away and was mad, just very very mad that someone would actually treat me like that.'m

#TrumpRussia / Re: YUGE!! Mueller team lied!
« on: August 19, 2019, 02:32:02 PM »
The left has lost the Russian collusion narrative.
Impeachment is gone.
Nothing left but racism and the economy.
Stay tuned.


Fake doug is an asshole called flyboy. Fact.

Politics / Re: Can you even believe this??
« on: August 17, 2019, 08:46:37 PM »
And then we wonder why this nation is suffering. Who votes for these imbeciles?

Holly, the truly sad fact is this idiot congress person actually believes what he is saying.
Clueless. Like most of the liberal socialist democrats.

My cancer is in remission – does this mean I’m cured?

Ian Olver
Director, University of South Australia Cancer Research institute, University of South Australia
So you’ve been through cancer treatment and your doctor has called you in for “some good news”. Satisfied, she tells you your cancer is “in remission.”

What does this mean? Are you cured? Is the cancer gone forever? And what about all those stories you’ve heard of someone who thought they’d “won the battle” – but then their cancer came back?

Detecting cancer

Your cancer is in complete remission when, after treatment, no cancer can be detected. The term “cure” can only be used in hindsight. Commonly, years after the cancer has gone into remission, if it has not returned (or relapsed), it is said to have been cured.

However, a secondary cancer could occur if the same conditions that triggered the first are present.

When a cancer can no longer be detected, it’s cured only if the treatment has killed every cancer cell. But it’s difficult to know if that’s the case due to our inability to detect small amounts of cancer.

read more about fake doug is an asshole

She boasts Trump made a name for himself in real estate. It is a shameful record and her admiration is misdirected as I have shown. Where does she see a real estate wizard? There isn't one.  This is really too easy. Just Lol and Fake Doug, and boldfaced repetitions. Not debating team material at all.
Still no specific question.
Oh well.

That's it?  That's your answer?  I'm still wondering what that verse is that saves jets from crashing into the sea, btw.
Where is your question wizard of smarts?

In The News / Re: President's rally in Manchester NH..RIGHT NOW
« on: August 16, 2019, 08:49:51 PM »
Wrong again, and yet another non-answer. It's either bumper stickers, endless repetition of your errorenous statements in bold face, or personal attacks.  And a better question is why are you still here. And still no answer how a country that ranks 41st in math, killed 3 million Vietnamese citizens for nothing, and rates 17th in living standards, is the greatest country in the world. Here's a question. If both Sweden and the U.S. shared a common border with Mexico, which country would the asylum seekers go to?
I give you an answer every time faker doug.
You simply do not want to accept the truth.

Here's a question for you faker doug.
Why do you hate the USA?

In The News / Re: President's rally in Manchester NH..RIGHT NOW
« on: August 16, 2019, 08:08:17 PM »
Why are you still here flyboy, I mean fake doug?
Thought you left for good.
Faker doug, you keep coming back like a bad habit.

poor thing.  the brain is rotting.  You've already posted this dimbulb.
Please remember CJ,
Libass doesn't read our posts and responses.
Libass has his head in the sand because he can't
handle the truth. Such a little pampered snowflake.

What can hillary and/or pocahontas do to
support the people of Hong Kong?
Words? Economic help? MIlitary action or support?

Answer: absolutely nothing.
They do not have any standing or power.

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