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In The News / More Promises Kept
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:00:53 PM »
President Trump Aims to Slash Number of Federal Advisory Committees

An awesome move! More campaign promises kept.

Trump signed an executive order Friday that directs every federal agency to evaluate the need for all of its advisory committees created under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. And it gives agency heads until September to terminate at least one-third of current committees created by agency heads.

Federal advisory committees are typically made up of private citizens who offer advice and assistance to the executive branch.

The White House did not immediately provide any justification for the order. But it appears to assume that many of the committees are redundant or have been convened to address issues that are now obsolete. It says that committees will be eliminated if their “stated objectives” have been accomplished, if the “subject matter or work of the committee has become obsolete,” if their “primary functions have been assumed by another entity” and if the agency determines “the cost of operation is excessive in relation to the benefits to the Federal Government.”

The U.S. General Services Administration, which helps oversee FACA implementation, says there are approximately 1,000 federal advisory committees and 50 federal agencies with FACA programs in effect at any given time. The order seeks to cap the total number of committees at 350, and will bar agencies from establishing new committees without waivers until the number drops.

More @


General Discussion / Ellen Weintraub doesn't go after hilliary
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:31:49 PM »
but she goes after trump.....why is that?  here's why.

FEC Chair Takes Shot At Trump About Soliciting Foreign Info, Why Hasn’t She Gone After Hillary/DNC? Maybe This Explains It…

Democrats flipped out after President Trump said that he might listen if a foreign national had something negative to say about an opponent and not report the exchange to the FBI. He later explained should he, for example, refer French President Emanuel Macron to the FBI if he said he didn’t like a Trump opponent.

And Democrats didn’t seem to see the hypocrisy, given what the Democrats/Hillary Clinton did in paying for Russian information during the campaign. Clinton also sought information against Trump from the Ukrainians.

So the FEC Chair who is a Democrat put this out clearly trying to go after Trump.


So why hasn’t she gone after Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for what they did?

Turns out Ellen Weintraub, in addition to being a Democrat, also worked for Perkins Coie in the past, the very firm the DNC/Hillary hired to use Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to get the Russian info.

crooked sob democrats.

#TrumpRussia / JohnDean came off as a mealy mouthed liar
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:59:34 PM »
today under questioning from Jim Jordan.  Sorry.  No video available yet.    Caught dean red handed right then and there.  It was....AWESOME is what it was.

#TrumpRussia / Italy Acts
« on: June 08, 2019, 10:31:35 PM »
...and I'm damned glad someone is.

 "ROME, ITALY: The Prime Minister of Italy has fired two of the countries most powerful intelligence chiefs in a major shake-up. It was directly attributed to their participation with John Brennan and the CIA in using Joseph Mifsud to set up George Papadopoulos as a pretext for launching the great Russia Hoax of 2016."

 "It underscores the horrific reality of so much of what happened to Donald Trump during the rolling coup d’etat against his presidency. This was part of a greater conspiracy against the candidate, the President, the Constitution, the American people, the rule of law, and the truth.

 "Mifsud was sent in by Brennan to set up Papadopoulos. He was an American asset from Italian intelligence spying on the campaign of the Obama political opposition. He was doing so in a foreign country to circumvent U.S. law."

 Sadly, the Democrats don't seem to know the difference in oversight and obstruction. Or, perhaps they do.

In The News / 60%voters find dem pres field underwhelming
« on: June 08, 2019, 05:14:13 PM »
overlooked did that happen?  LOLOL

I wouldn’t give any of them the charge of a class reunion committee, why give them control of the country?   that would be devastating. 

Via Townhall:

Despite boasting a field of more than two dozen candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, the most recent Harvard/Harris poll shows that the 6 out of 10 voters find the slate of choices to defeat President Donald Trump to be “underwhelming.”

The poll, conducted online within the United States from May 29-30, 2019 among 1,295 registered voters, found that just 40% of American voters find the Democratic options so far to be “impressive” when asked, “Do you find the current field of Democratic party candidates for president to be impressive or underwhelming?” 60% of participants answered “underwhelming” during this survey.

As for who among potential Democratic and Independent politicians voters believe could defeat incumbent President Donald J. Trump, 35% answered former Vice President Joe Biden has the “best chance.” The choices offered in this question also included potential candidates like Hillary Clinton. The former party nominee and 2016 election loser polled at just 4%.

The Trump Administration / The President in London
« on: June 04, 2019, 08:34:14 PM »
And doing beautifully.  The queen and her court have been VERY gracious to President Trump and the First Lady.  The President and Mrs. Trump are hosting a dinner for the Queen and her entourage tonite.

All in all it has been a real disappointment for the media and the left in this country. The british 'left' is as classless and uncouth as our left.

That 250000 strong crowd of trump protestors....well.... 300 showed up.   US media is crying in their crafted beer this evening.

The Queen did not invite Mayor Pipsqueak Khan to  the dinner and Mrs. May let him know in her remarks that the americans are a longtime and welcomed ally.   So take that you muzzie dungheap.

Election 2020 / Joe Biden marched in Selma
« on: June 04, 2019, 08:20:33 PM »
nah...nah he didn't...and when CNN calls  you out on it.... you might be in deep shite.   Video at linky>

Politics / Mrs. Elijah Cummings REFUSES to turn over the records
« on: June 02, 2019, 06:25:07 PM »
on their charity fund.   That's illegal...I's already on the books.  They're under investigation and she is refusing to turn over her records to the authorities.   I guess that's okay seeing as she IS a democrat.

Via Daily Caller:

Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings’ wife is breaking the law by not revealing financial disclosures about her nonprofit, an uninvolved legal expert told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings runs a nonprofit called the Center for Global Policy Solutions that is closely intertwined with a for-profit consulting firm, Global Policy Solutions LLC. The nonprofit has received millions of dollars from groups with interests before the congressman’s committee, potentially buying them favorable treatment, according to a complaint filed with the IRS by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC).

At least three different groups have requested the forms, and to each, Rockeymoore Cummings has refused, even when told that the law requires it. She refused on the phone to NLPC, and did not answer formal requests to view the forms from the Washington Examiner and TheDCNF.

“Wow. That’s illegal,” Sally Wagenmaker, a Chicago attorney who specializes in nonprofit tax law, told TheDCNF. “It’s interesting and sad. You have the right to get them. The organization absolutely is required to provide the information, so to not do so would appear to be flaunting the law.”

The Trump Administration / Trump Approval hits highest evah
« on: May 31, 2019, 06:42:13 PM »
They say 48% which means it is actually about 60%.    I don't know but I think that's gonna be  liiiiiiiittttttllllle hard to beat in November 2020.

Love it!

Via The Hill:

President Trump’s job approval rating is the highest it’s been in two years, boosted by voter optimism about the economy, according to the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey.

The survey found that 48 percent approve of the job Trump is doing, compared to 52 percent who said they disapprove. That’s up from 45 percent approval in March. The last time the president’s job approval rating reached 48 percent in the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey was in June of 2017.

Trump appears to be getting a lift from the economy, with a record 62 percent approving of his approach to employment and 59 percent approving of his handling of the economy.

Politics / Brexit surges, Labour/Tories take pounding
« on: May 27, 2019, 05:54:24 PM »
Things are changing in Europe.

Elections have consequences. And failing to execute a mandate from an election has consequences too, as both Conservatives and Labour discovered in the UK’s EU elections. Despite only being weeks old and largely without a policy portfolio, the Brexit party won almost a third of the vote, outstripping the UK’s two main parties — combined:

Britain’s newly-formed Brexit Party comfortably beat the country’s two main parties in European Parliamentary elections, early results showed Monday, as voters expressed their frustration over the Brexit deadlock. …

The U.K. participated in European Parliamentary elections on Thursday after failing to leave the EU at the end of March. The UK is electing 73 MEPs from across 12 regions and 10 have so far declared. The Brexit Party have 28 MEPs winning 32% of the vote and are largest party in 9 regions.

The pro-EU Lib Dems have also made gains, taking second place with 20%. The Green Party also enjoyed a good night, recording its best performance since 1989.

The Conservative Party was ignored by the electorate, winning only 3 MEPs while the main opposition Labour Party won 10 MEPs and just 11% of the vote.

The Guardian shows that eleven of the twelve UK regions have been tallied, and the numbers haven’t changed much. Conservatives fell to fifth place, trailing the Greens by three full points. Between them, the two main parliamentary parties only got 23.2% of the vote, well behind the new Brexit party’s 31.6%.

Northern Ireland has yet to be counted, but the result there appears to be much different. The Alliance Party, which ran on an explicit pro-EU platform, may take one of the enclave’s three MEP seats:

The election is set to shake up the political landscape in Northern Ireland with the third seat in the three-seat constituency almost certain to the pro-remain Alliance Party.

After the first count the party’s leader Naomi Long was hot on the heels of the two main political parties, Sinn Fein and the DUP, who were in first and second place. …

After the first count Sinn Fein were number 1 with Martin Anderson polling 126,951 votes, followed by the Democratic Unionist party’s Diane Dodds with 124,991. Long polled an astonishing 105,928 in a potential re-set of the Brexit debate in Northern Ireland.

As Lisa O’Carroll points out, that means that the third seat will be pro-backstop, a direct rebuke to the DUP’s position in Brexit negotiations. Don’t forget that Northern Ireland voted for Remain in the referendum, and Brexit isn’t quite as popular there. Their concern has mostly been to keep from being split off from the rest of the UK. This result, assuming it holds, will certainly confuse the situation at home, but it will make it much easier for Brussels to maintain a hard line on future Brexit negotiations.

Speaking of which … guess who’s coming to dinner?

Farage, elected as a Member of the European Parliament for the South East of England, said he wanted to be involved in Brexit negotiations and warned that British politics was on the cusp of major upheaval unless Brexit took place on Oct. 31.

“We want to be part of that negotiating team,” Farage said in Southampton, southern England.

“If we don’t leave on Oct. 31 then the score that you have seen for the Brexit Party today will be repeated in a general election and we are getting ready for it.”

Farage makes note of the unprecedented success of the Brexit party’s first election, and warned that it sent “a massive message” to the British political establishment:

If so, it’s not the only massive message being sent in these EU elections. The centrist parties lost their combined control of the European Parliament across the EU, not just in the UK. Nationalist parties gained, but so did more radical environmentalist parties on the Left:

Europeans woke Monday to a new political reality after European Parliament elections ended the domination of the E.U.’s main center-right and center-left parties and revealed a changed political landscape where the far-right, pro-business groups and environmentalists will be forces to be reckoned with.

Turning out in numbers not seen for 20 years, voters took their concerns about immigration and security to the ballot box, making parties led by the likes of Italy’s populist Matteo Salvini and France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen among the biggest in the 28-nation bloc’s assembly.

“The rules are changing in Europe,” Salvini, Italy’s hard-line interior minister, said at his League party headquarters in Milan early Monday. “A new Europe is born.”

In the short term, this all but cinches a Brexit crash-out for the UK. A centrist-heavy coalition might have been tempted to reopen negotiations with the UK, but nationalists and leftists have less incentive to unite in such an enterprise. The vote in Northern Ireland suggests that a crash-out is likely to accelerate momentum toward reunification in Ireland as the harsh conditions of trade and movement across the border will be felt hardest where Brexit was least popular to start. Conservatives and Labour now have incentives to delay the next election as long as possible, and for Labour perhaps even more so, as they will have to either back a hard Brexit or flat-out oppose any Brexit at all. And voters just showed how little patience they have with parties that don’t deliver on their promises.

It’s gonna get reeeeaaaaallly interesting in the UK between now and Halloween.

FBI Lawyer Squeals Like a Pig: Implicates Comey, McCabe, and Yates for Mishandling of FISA Warrant

On Monday Rep. Doug Collins released the remaining transcripts from the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into decisions made at the DOJ and FBI to exonerate Hillary Clinton and spy on candidate Donald Trump.

 Collins released transcripts on several FBI, DOJ officials including:

 Trisha Anderson
 William Sweeny
 Loretta Lynch
 James Kybicki
 Andrew McCabe
 George Toscas
 Jonathan Moffa
 John Giacalone
 Sally Moyer

Trisha Anderson went back to work at Covington & Burling in 2018

 On Friday Redstate posted explosive segments from FBI Attorney Trisha Anderson’s testimony. The information first appeared in the Washington Examiner.

 In her testimony, she alleges that the application process for the FISA warrant was handled in an “unusual” fashion and that numerous Obama era FBI officials were involved at the highest levels in pushing it through.

 But Anderson stressed “in this particular case, I’m drawing a distinction because my boss and my boss’ boss had already reviewed and approved this application.” She emphasized “this one was handled a little bit differently in that sense, in that it received very high-level review and approvals — informal, oral approvals — before it ever came to me for signature.”

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Issues / LGBT Progressivism Horror
« on: May 24, 2019, 09:56:07 PM »
LGBT progressivism horrors: Parents to start physically maiming their own babies

LGBT progressivism horrors: Parents to start physically maiming their own babies to slice off all “gender” organs in the name of progressivism and “equality”

If you wonder where “progressivism” is headed, look no further than the self-mutilation movement where LGBT followers physically maim their own bodies to become so-called “nullos” by cutting off their nipples and reproductive organs. The next escalation in this war on biology will, I predict, involve parents maiming their newborn infants by slicing off their penis and scrotum shortly after birth in order to “rid” the child of gender inequality.

This physical maiming of newborn infants will be embraced by the Democrats and Leftists as a “progressive” way to achieve “gender equality.” Note that this is far beyond the Female Genital Mutilation currently embraced by Leftists, which involves the painful and permanent maiming of a female infant. FGM is widely practiced in the Somali community in places like Minnesota, which produced the America-hating congresswoman Ilhan Omar, an anti-semitic radical Muslim for whom mutilating young girls is just considered “part of the culture.”

The LGBT community already absurdly claims that children are born “genderless” and then “assigned” a gender by the doctor. This dangerous, delusional thinking will justify parents grabbing scalpels and physically maiming their newborn children in order to achieve a “correction” for their genderless status by violently removing all organs and tissues that are not gender-neutral. Yes, it’s completely insane and criminal, but this is exactly the way the lunatic Left now thinks. (See mini-documentary video below for more coverage.)

Will any doctor stand up against the left-wing obedience cult that violently assaults and murders infants?

 My question is: Will any institution in society stand up against the increasingly deranged, child-killing and child-mutilating “progressivism” that’s now being pushed everywhere? Are there any doctors in America who will denounce parents maiming their own children in the pursuit of gender equality? Somehow, doctors are more than willing to call the police on parents who refuse to have their children subjected to toxic chemotherapy, but there’s little question those same doctors will stand by and say nothing while parents commit felony assault against their own children with a scalpel and an ice pack… all in the name of “progressivism.”

The Left in America today has become a dangerous obedience cult that’s obsessed with death and self-mutilation. Until they are stopped, their agenda will continue to become more twisted, insane and psychopathic. This is the same movement that has pushed for the legalization of infanticide across America, with laws passed in New York, Vermont and other states that literally allow parents to murder healthy children after they are born, all in the name of “women’s health.”

The twisted, almost demonic justification for all this is that, according to Leftists, infants are not humans until you decide to keep them, and it is this underlying deception that will endorse parents physically maiming their own babies, leaving them emotionally and physically scarred for life, all in the name of pursuing the delusion of “gender equality.”

This is, of course, extreme child abuse. It is “child mutilation,” but because the mutilation is pursued in the name of gender “equality,” it will be embraced, endorsed and even celebrated by the Left, which is now characterized by mass mental illness.

As I’ve said before in this article on the climate change psychological terrorism now being pushed by the Left:
The future of liberalism isn’t a boot stamping on your head forever; it’s actually a screaming, bloodied, scarred baby that has been violently attacked and had its penis sliced off by “progressive” parents while obedient doctors watch and cheer in order to support political correctness and keep their jobs in hospitals that maim babies for profit while billing the federal government for “gender-restorative procedures” which are nothing more than horrific crimes committed against human babies that somehow survived the Left’s post-birth abortion procedures.

According to the Left, if you stab a newborn just a few times in the right places, it’s called “progressivism.” If you keep stabbing and murder the baby, it’s called “women’s health” (i.e. abortion).

You can’t make this up. You can’t even dream this up in a nightmare. Liberalism is beyond any nightmare the world has ever witnessed in human history. The Left Cult is a death cult, and they can’t wait to kill themselves and as many other people as possible as they take down humanity in the name of “environmental justice.”
Watch this shocking mini-documentary to learn more:

Politics / HootieBird Schiff says declassifying is unAmerican
« on: May 24, 2019, 03:47:50 PM »
OFcourse he does.  Crazy eyes.

Schiff Calls Barr Investigation Into Origins Of Russia Probe ‘Un-American’

Spying on Trump isn’t un-American, but apparently investigating it is. Shifty seems to be having a meltdown.

Via Daily Caller:

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff called Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe “un-American” in a Thursday night tweet.

“While Trump stonewalls the public from learning the truth about his obstruction of justice, Trump and Barr conspire to weaponize law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies,” Schiff wrote. “The coverup has entered a new and dangerous phase. This is un-American.”

President Donald Trump on Thursday directed the heads of the CIA, FBI, State Department and other agencies to cooperate with Barr as he investigates the origins of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Politics / Dem Elijah Cummings caught in huge financial scandal
« on: May 21, 2019, 07:23:54 PM »
BREAKING: Anti-Trump House Oversight Chairman Caught in Huge Financial Scandal

5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... RACISTS!

 One of the most senior House Democrats, who has hurled unfounded accusations of illegal actions and even treason against President Trump and his advisers finds himself accused of major wrongdoing.

 A charity run by Maya Rockeymoore, the wife of Rep. Elijah Cummings, received millions from special interest groups and corporations that had business before her husband’s committee. BREAKING: Anti-Trump House Oversight Chairman Caught in Huge Financial Scandal

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