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Music, Movies, TV, Art / Friday tunes.....
« on: May 08, 2020, 06:03:08 PM »


Don't rescue me
I’ve got nowhere
Better I want to be

I want to be held
But not beholden
Standing my ground
With one eye open

This fight doesn't quite add up

I thought you were free
But now I'm on the hook
For all you've given me

Does it matter what I say
Or think or do?
You see what you see
With the lens you're looking through

This fight keeps me tied
To the worst in me
And it's killing me
Killing me
Killing me

I'm losing my voice
You led me to believe
I had a choice

Let's pause
Retract our claws
You could take my side
While I take yours

This fight keeps me tied
To the worst in me
And it's killing me
Killing me
Killing me

Come rescue me
I've got nowhere
Better I want to be

This fight keeps me tied
To the worst in me
And it's Killing me
Killing me
Killing me
Killing me
Killing me

General Discussion / Pepsi, your forum has been hacked and compromised
« on: March 03, 2020, 01:13:53 PM »
So sad pepsi  that you have allowed the miscreants to take control of peoples Avatars and user names pretending to be
someone they are not.

To all conservatives who decide to stay here, beware. Before you respond, look at their total posts. You can see who just signed up.

The left wing punks have taken over this forum.

Good Bye for now.

Pepsi has a lot of cleaning house to make his forum functional.
Good Luck!

General Discussion / Saturday Tunes
« on: February 22, 2020, 06:14:50 PM »

General Discussion / Where oh where is pepsi?
« on: February 11, 2020, 12:53:26 PM »
Has pepsi flown the liberal chicken coupe?

MIA since : Last Active:February 05, 2020, 05:07:29 PM

The total collapse of the democrat party is coming home to roost.

General Discussion / Where are the socialist democrats on this forum?
« on: January 18, 2020, 12:08:53 PM »
Where oh where have the leftist, liberal, socialists gone on this forum?
12:08 Est
Who's Raking?
Dot Guests: 609
Dot Hidden: 0
Dot Users Online:
Pepsi Pepsi
Hollybaere Hollybaere
Mornac Mornac
Calypso Jones Calypso Jones
hurricanehook hurricanehook

In The News / Finally: Criminal investigation
« on: October 24, 2019, 09:34:46 PM »
Justice Department review into origins of Russia probe turns into criminal investigation.

A probe by Attorney General William Barr into the origins of the Russia investigation has changed from an administrative review into a criminal investigation, a person familiar with the review confirmed to NBC News.

The review is being conducted by Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham. The New York Times first reported Thursday that the administrative review has turned into a criminal investigation.

It’s not clear when the change occurred, but the probe began in May as an administrative review.

The Times reported that the change in status gives Durham the power to subpoena witness testimony and documents, to impanel a grand jury and to file criminal charges.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly called the Russia investigation conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller a “witch hunt.”

Republicans have suggested the investigation stemmed from a plot by members of the Obama Administration and career intelligence officials, in what they call the "Deep State," to undermine Trump.


In The News / September 11th, 2001
« on: September 11, 2019, 05:41:32 PM »
Remembering 9/11: A Day That Changed the World

For those who died, and those who sacrificed their lives, saving innocent people.

In The News / Joe Biden: 'I want to be clear, I'm not going nuts'
« on: August 26, 2019, 09:37:08 PM »
Put a fork in sleepy, creepy uncle joe.
He is done.
Sadly joe has lost his mind.
And the primary.

Democratic front-runner Joe Biden and his camp should be very worried about his presidential chances, political operatives say, citing his almost-daily gaffes while on the campaign trail — including during a New Hampshire stop over the weekend when the former vice president said he was in Vermont.

"It’s a cause for concern if you’re running for president, especially if you’re not sure what state you’re in,” said Phil Johnston, the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s former chairman. “We all love and respect him, but in 2020 we have to make sure the nominee is up the task of taking on President Trump.”

The 76-year-old presidential candidate looking to attract voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state Saturday said he was in the bordering state.

Biden in Keene, N.H., said, “I love this place. Look, what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it? And what a neat town … everybody has been really friendly. I like Keene a lot.”

This comment came a day after he spoke in Hanover, N.H., about the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

“Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee? What would have happened in America?”

Biden must immediately stop making these gaffes, Johnston said.

“He needs to show he’s up to the task of being president, day-in and day-out for the next 14 months,” said Johnston, who said he’s leaning toward supporting U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the primary. “If he continues to make these mistakes, many people will be concerned.”

Biden has not slipped in the polls despite the near-daily slip of the tongue, said pollster John Zogby.

“But if they (gaffes) continue, and they probably will continue, it may ultimately matter to the public,” Zogby added.

In a hypothetical Biden versus Trump matchup, they could end up “neutralizing each other” because of the amount of gaffes the president makes, Zogby said.

“What he has to be careful of now is that people don’t think these gaffes reflect a problem of his mental acuity. Now questions are being raised is because he’s older,” said Boston University professor Tobe Berkowitz, a veteran of Democratic political campaigns,  adding that the other Dem hopefuls will continue to pound on this line of attack, especially behind the scenes. “His political opponents are probably dropping a lot of dimes on this.”

The consistency of Biden’s gaffes should definitely be concerning for Democrats, said N.H. state Rep. Fred Doucette, who was a state co-chair for Trump’s 2016 campaign.

In The News / Biden senile and a perv
« on: August 19, 2019, 03:14:14 PM »
Biden Bizarrely Says There’s Three Genders, Then Grabs Young Female Questioner By The Arm And Insists He Loves Gay People

“Mr. Vice President, I’m a student here and I’m wondering, how many genders are there?” the female questioner, later identified as a Turning Point USA field staffer named Katie, said.

“Pardon me?” asked Biden.

“How many genders are there?” Katie repeated.

“There are at least three,” Biden responded.

“What are they?” asked Katie.

“Don’t play games with me kid,” said Biden as he walked away. But a few seconds later he turned around, grabbed her arm, and said, “By the way, first one to come out for [gay] marriage was me.”

My name is Katie. I am born and raised in Iowa, and I’m currently a student in Iowa. Today I showed up at the state fair to ask former Vice President Joe Biden a question about gender. When I asked the question it took a few seconds for the question to register, and then he responded with ‘three.’ I asked a follow-up question. I asked, ‘Okay, what are they?’ Joe Biden looked at me and said, ‘Don’t mess with me, kid.’ I started to walk away, and then it doesn’t stop there. He grabs my arm and then pulls me back to make eye contact with him again and he yells something about marriage at me. So I walked away and was mad, just very very mad that someone would actually treat me like that.'m

Election 2020 / The Socialist Democrats GREAT WHITE HOPE?
« on: August 12, 2019, 08:47:07 PM »
Biden's gaffes pile up, worrying some supporters

Let's be honest folks. Biden is senile.
Joe should never be allowed to become potus.

Joe Biden’s string of gaffes is raising questions among Democrats about his ability to beat President Trump in 2020.

Biden made headlines three times in the last week by misspeaking.

Over the weekend he mistakenly said he had met as vice president with students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

“Those kids in Parkland came to see me when I was vice president,” he told reporters in Iowa.

The Parkland school was attacked by a mass shooter and many of the students were turned into gun control activists in an incident in 2018 — more than a year after Biden’s vice presidency ended.

That blunder followed another two days earlier when Biden, 76, told an audience of Asian and Hispanic voters that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Biden later told reporters he botched the comment he's delivered many times and meant to say “wealthy kids.”

“On the spot, I explained it,” he said. “At that very second, I explained it. And so the fact of the matter is that I don't think anybody thinks that I meant anything other than what I meant.”

Earlier that day, Biden also declared in a speech at the Iowa State Fair, “We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.

While Biden has always been known for verbal slip-ups, the recent mistakes are also coming at a time when he is facing questions about his age.

They also have given openings to President Trump, who last week said his potential rival wasn’t playing with a “full deck.”

Trump over the weekend took to Twitter to dig in further.

“Does anybody really believe he is mentally fit to be president?” Trump wrote. “We are ‘playing’ in a very big and complicated world. Joe doesn’t have a clue.”

Music, Movies, TV, Art / Friday tunes..a blast from the past
« on: August 09, 2019, 10:07:14 PM »

In The News / Coming for COMEY
« on: August 01, 2019, 12:56:59 PM »
James Comey's next reckoning is imminent — this time for leaking
The Justice Department’s chief watchdog is preparing a damning report on James Comey’s conduct in his final days as FBI director that likely will conclude he leaked classified information and showed a lack of candor after his own agency began looking into his feud with President Trump over the Russia probe.

Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s team referred Comey for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, but Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors working for Attorney General William Barr reportedly have decided to decline prosecution — a decision that’s likely to upset Comey's conservative critics.

Prosecutors found the IG’s findings compelling but decided not to bring charges because they did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources.

But Comey and others inside the FBI and the DOJ during his tenure still face legal jeopardy in ongoing probes by the IG and Barr-appointed special prosecutor John Durham. Those investigations are focused on the origins of the Russia investigation that included a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant targeting the Trump campaign at the end of the 2016 election, the source said.

“There are significant issues emerging with how the FISA was handled and other conduct in the investigation, and everyone involved remains under scrutiny,” a second source said.


In The News / The "SQAD" and their hypocrisy
« on: July 28, 2019, 01:26:33 PM »
Members of the radical socialist "squad"
have previously told people and the president
they should be deported and go back to
where you came from.

Somehow the LAME STREAM media
conveniently missed this important information.

Video clip: start at 13:50.

The United States of America.....the greatest nation ever.

The landing on the moon was just the first step.
Mars is next...................

In The News / USA. The greatest country in the history of the world !
« on: July 16, 2019, 06:26:41 PM »
50 years ago this month, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA ,
landed and returned humans from our moon to Earth.

No other country has accomplished what the
UNITED STATES of AMERICA did 50 years ago.

GOD BLESS all Americans involved for this spectacular
human achievement.

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