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Sad that you don't believe your fellow Americans but you're happy to believe a foreign leader.
I believe my fellow American Donald Trump.
Not the socialist liberal democrats or the lame stream media.
You people keep trying to get rid of a rightfully
elected president with your made up false crimes.
You failed with Brett Kavanaugh, and then the fake
Russian collusion story, and you will fail with this
pitiful excuse for impeachment.

They only released the aid after the whistle blower complaint, and the Ukrainian president was about to announce the investigation on CNN, again, stopped after the whistle blower complaint.

The Ukrainian president did not even know the
aid money was withheld and has repeatedly
said he was never pressured.
That, my friend, is a first hand account of
a conversation.

FALSE.   Military assistance was being withheld, under the direction of Donald J Trump, until Ukraine opened a (public) investigation into the Bidens, as testimony has shown us.
Questions for the wizard of smarts, pepsi :
Did Ukraine receive money for military assistance ?
Did Ukraine publicly announce an investigation into
the Biden's involvement in Burisma?


State Department official George Kent testified Wednesday that he would “love” to see Ukraine look into the circumstances surrounding the closure of a probe tied to natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, while also raising concerns that Hunter Biden’s role on the board of that firm created the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Come on.

Shit Hook is a stinking cult follower. He doesn't say anything, ever. He does as he is told.
And you libass, put every conservative on ignore....
Just like those snow flake college students shouting down conservative speakers, because it makes them sad and threatened
by opposition thoughts and policies.
So sad libass that you are a weak spineless socialist liberal democrat.
Your mamma must be so proud of your weakness.

For starters Mick Mulvaney (who admitted the crime on live TV) and John Bolton (who called it a 'drug deal' he wanted nothing to do with).
If they want to talk.....
Executive privilege?


No only is it bribery and extortion, it's doing so to get a foreign power to help Trump get elected (again).    There has never been a more impeachable offense by any American president.
wrong as usual, peps.
Another hoax being debunked.
Third strike and you are out.

It's not a good argument that second hand accounts aren't good enough when you refuse to allow those who do have first hand accounts to testify.

You mean the president of Ukraine?
You mean the president of the United States?

Pepsi, this is far worse than Mueller's debacle.

The socialist liberal democrats 2 star witnesses
could not name one impeachable offense.


Our soldiers were in Iraq illegally. 
Wizard of smarts,
Where is the lawsuit for your claim?

Our soldiers were in Iraq illegally. Some people can do great things without college, but you aren’t ine of them. You’ve shown that many times here.
Spell much college boy?

Best quote of the day from the communist
socialist democrat party ?

"Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct"..

The Trump Administration / Re: Time to show us your taxes, crook
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:58:37 AM »
So, quit beating around the bush and answer my question!!

notoc is a lying punk.
it is like adam shitforbrains, and changes actual quotes.
I would not give it the time of day.

You are so incredibly stupid. I alteady showed you this country is only one third of European descent. My ER doctor was Chinese descended. My endodontist is Iranian. The guys who installed my new tires were Assyrian. All great, talented people. You are a stupid, bigoted bitch. That spider lives in your brain. You’re a liar. You never attended a college.
No one cares about your anecdotal little stories.

Name a Korean, a Vietnamese or an Iraqi who attacked our citizens on OUR OWN SOIL.  One single name will do.  Our soldiers were invaders in those countries and were illegals.
Guess you forgot we were helping South Koreans, Vietnamese, and Iraqi's against communist fascist control.
It is called freedom.

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