Author Topic: Orange Hitler loses Georgia again  (Read 41 times)

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Orange Hitler loses Georgia again
« on: November 20, 2020, 09:15:12 AM »

Georgia has finished its statewide audit of the razor-thin presidential race, confirming that President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump, according to a news release from the Secretary of State's office.
Biden beat Trump by 12,284 votes, according to the final results from the audit. This is a slight drop for Biden compared to the pre-audit results.
Officials have said repeatedly that the audit confirmed there was no widespread fraud or irregularities in the election.

In the meantime Orange Hitler is flying the Republican legislators in Michigan to beg them to go against the will of the people and appoint him president.

Oh, but hes' not a dictator and "conservatives" aren't authoritarians.  ::)