Author Topic: America's sulky George III sequel...  (Read 44 times)

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America's sulky George III sequel...
« on: November 20, 2020, 01:06:32 AM »
He went mad and lost America”. A conventional summary of King George III, the tragic figure who took on the colonies, sending in his troops to “dominate” the streets and crush resistance.

A couple of centuries and 45 presidents later, Old King Trump sits barricaded in the White House doing nothing much. His face puckered into that trademark rosebud of petulance. Barking at underlings. Pretending HE won because a lot of Democrat votes were from dead people and very illegal. His sulky-toddler folded arms, like that time he refused to say a single kind word when fellow Republican and war hero John McCain died. There’s something almost majestic about Trump’s utter contempt for the office of president.

Karl Marx – apparently the evil genius behind peaceful protest and Medicare – said that historical entities appear twice, “first as tragedy, then as farce”. That feels about right.

And there has always been something monarchical about the Trump dynasty, hasn’t there? Something quite British royal family with veneers about them. The stoical wife, accommodating a sexual cavalcade of hush-money freelancers because that’s just the way things have always been done in medieval Europe. The dutiful daughter, special adviser on the economic empowerment of women, one in particular, and her husband the Duke of Nottingham. The two princes, their consciences left blank for sponsorship opportunities.

Mad King Trump may not have conceded, but he seems to have lost all interest in anything presidential. He’s vaguely wondering if it’s worth bombing Iran, but mostly raging at the phantoms who “stole” his realm in a rigged election. William Thackeray wrote of George III: “All history presents no sadder figure than that of the old man, blind and deprived of reason, wandering through the rooms of his palace, addressing imaginary parliaments, reviewing fancied troops, holding ghostly courts …”

I wonder what the voices in Trump’s head are advising now? Retreat to civilian life again, with its legal perils and authorized memoirs? Or fight on as a heavily-photoshopped rebel king determined to leave as much wreckage and misery in opposition as he did in power?

I don’t want to be that pessimist but you know. He only lost half of America, didn’t he?