Author Topic: Fool-Proof Talking Points For Trump Supporters To Debate With  (Read 37 times)

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It is important that all Trump Supporters are well versed with the Trump 2020 talking points, so that they are prepared for the political debates they will be involved in during the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

As a Trump Supporter, it is imperative that you can easily recite these talking points. Please study these, so that you can credit Donald Trump for his historic accomplishments.

One way to prepare could be Trump Supporters pretending that they just got on an elevator, and only have until the elevator reaches their desired floor to cover at least the bullet point of these historic Trump accomplishments. They could consider this their “elevator speech“.

GDP: The United States Commerce Department today reported that the countries GDP dropped 32.9% in the 2nd quarter of 2020. This Trump historic accomplishment is more than three (3) times higher than any GDP drop in history. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the broadest measure of our countries economic activity.

UNEMPLOYMENT: The United States Bureau Of Labor Statistics today reported that over 50 Million people have filed for unemployment in 2020. This is another Trump Historic accomplishment. Never in history have so many Americans filed for unemployment in a six (6) month period.

COVID-19 DEATHS: The United States has passed 150,000 COVID-19 Deaths in 2020. While the United States only has 4.2% of the World’s population, the United States has 22.9% of all the COVID-19 Deaths in the world. You can amplify this Trump Historic achievement by saying that “Never before, has someone done so much, with so little”. Trump only had 4.2% of the population, but was still able to have 22.9% of COVID-19 Deaths.

NATIONAL DEBT: The Donald Trump Administration has raised the United States National Debt by SIX (6) TRILLION 633 BILLION DOLLARS in only 42 months and 10 Days. This is yet another historic achievement. Never before has a United States President lost so much money in such a short period of time. As a private citizen, it took Donald Trump TEN (10) years to lose his 1st BILLION DOLLARS, but now as President, he is losing our country over FIVE (5) BILLON DOLLARS PER DAY.

These bullet points should “Load The Lips” of all Trump Supporters, so they can properly credit Donald Trump for his historic achievements.