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Grennell's appearance on Rubin Report
« on: March 05, 2020, 04:50:47 PM »

Here is a transcript from Grenell’s appearance on “The Rubin Report” where he explained how being gay made him a better Christian:

David Rubin: “Let’s back up for a second, because you mentioned your Evangelical upbringing and then you showed me your gay mustache shirt, Rick. I thought this is not possible. I thought Evangelicals can’t be gay or Christian theology and homosexuality are at odds. Or all of these things. But you strike me as a decent, functioning person, and we’ve had dinner with you and Matt and all that good stuff. So, make some sense out of this.

Richard Grenell: “You know, I think being gay makes me a better Christian--to be honest. I’ll tell you this, I have felt guilty—this is an admission—that when I had cancer and I was really kind of down in terms of my physical outlook, I felt like I prayed more and I was closer to God because I was in need.

“I feel guilty about that as I go through life and, of course, the ups and downs of life, when things are going well you don’t pray as much. You don’t really think about God, or the existence of the Creator. And I started to feel really guilty about that. And, so, I just think that every person needs to have—whether it’s a group of people or a philosophy of some sort--that keeps them in check, that kind of questions what life’s ups are about.

And, so, for me, being gay, I think I get so much challenge that you can’t be gay and be a Christian that it makes me a better Christian. It makes--I am an imperfect follower of Christ. I fail every single day. But for me what’s the beauty of this is that the Bible talks about having new mercies every morning and grace every morning.

“I get up every morning and I just think, thank God, that I believe in the Creator and that every morning I have a new beginning and a new chance to prove myself in this totally human state that fails every day. And, so, I was made this way, right, and the Bible says everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made. I was made this way. I was born gay. So, the fact of the matter is I fully embrace that I was made this way in the image of God and you can be gay and be a Christian. And there’s no problem with it.

“I think the world is also changing within the church, that the church really believes that. And when you look at the Biblical kind of mantra about this, you really have to go back to the original language, the original Greek, and really understand what the words were when the translation in the 1950s somehow takes the word homosexuality and puts it into a different context.
“I wonder if you know Peter Gomes. He passed away, but Peter was the minister at Harvard Memorial Church, and he was conservative, and black, and gay, and a minister. And he was an incredible, just literally an incredible mentor to me, to think about how God made me and what the Bible says, about really a whole bunch of these 20th Century issues: the subjugation of women, immigration, all these. He wrote this book called The Good Book, and he takes all these issues and goes back to show how both sides of the argument over the years have used the Bible in their favor. They’ve said things like, you know: God has told me to have this position.

“And you manipulate it on both sides and he kind of showed, look, stop with the manipulators and look at what the original language says. I love things like that. It’s like an exogenesis [sic] of the words and the time.”

{ALL this bullshit explanation has already been confronted & debunked be actual scholars & Christians. The devil deceives. And he is trying through this way to get into President Trump's camp.}
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Re: Grennell's appearance on Rubin Report
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2020, 04:08:44 PM »
Ruben is cool. He is another one who left the Left and became  more conservative.