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Not like us
« on: July 08, 2019, 02:57:05 PM »
Not like us.....

As I read about Rep. Swalwell and Michelle Obama and others whining that President Trump's 4th of July parade and his inauguration didn't "look like them" I had to agree with them. A parade featuring Americans and the military doesn't look at all like the Democrats.

 So, I pondered what a Democrat parade would look like. First, no Asians or Jews. They're not wanted. And then, down the street comes the leaders of the parade. Look, it's Antifa with Ocasio-Cortez and her two friends marching along assaulting the very young and very old if they have a 15 to 1 advantage in numbers. Antifa is followed by the Ferguson rioters. You know, they guys rioting when President Obama said, "Stay the course."

 Behind the rioters come the federal employees from the IRS, EPA, and other left-wing bureaucrats waving banners celebrating their unions and others with banners saying, "Fuck you, we're protected." Then in fine print it says, "And, you're not."

 Then there's a contingent from the Trial Lawyers Association led by Michael Avenatti and Eric Holder.

 Then, an incredibly large contingent of the various teachers unions and they're hauling a float covered with bundles of cash to give the Democrats.

 Next comes NAMBLA wearing purple chaps and pink vests. But, wait, they're not all NAMBLA. There's Roman Polanski, Jeff Epstein, Woody Allen, and that famous Democrat, Bill Clinton. They have banners saying, "Diversity and Perversity."

 Then there's a very small group, maybe 75 people pushing Walmart shopping carts. Oh, my god, it's the homeless from the west coast and New York. There was supposed to be 75,000 but they said it was too much like work and only the local homeless showed up.

 Then there is a parade of Cadillac convertibles the first is Al Sharpton with a car load of women, some white, some black. The cars following are the same except for one with Kamela Harris which has her riding with six elderly powerful men. She has Harry Reid, John Kerry, Jerry Nadler, and Adam Schiff. One empty seat has a sign saying, "Bill Clinton is with NAMBLA but he'll be back.

 The last contingent is preachers and religious floats because all Democrats are sincere, dedicated Christians except for the two marching with Antifa.

 No one is actually watching the parade but CNN, NBC, MSNBC. ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, NYT, and WaPo are out in force.

 That's my rant for the day.

 When I heard that Michelle Obama was whining that here children were forced to leave the only home they'd known I wondered if no one told them they only had an eight-year lease. Of course, Barack pointed out that Castro didn't have a lease, Chavez didn't have a lease. Stalin didn't have a lease, and he didn't have to have a lease.

thank you patrickt
and Epstein didn't kill himself

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Re: Not like us
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2019, 04:47:44 PM »
That was funny....but painfully true.
The quality of life is more important
than life itself"......Alexis Carrel.