Author Topic: De Blasio donor's bribery trial  (Read 89 times)

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De Blasio donor's bribery trial
« on: November 11, 2018, 09:02:28 PM »
goes full Vegas hooker route

Jazz ShawPosted at 7:01 pm on November 10, 2018

We’ve covered plenty of stories coming from the ongoing corruption trials of donors to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Big Apple Mayor Bill de Blasio, but the most recent one is turning into a highlight reel for Page Six. We previously noted how de Blasio had been subpoenaed to testify in the trial involving campaign finance violations and bribery with City Hall donor Jeremy Reichberg and NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant. Many of the details of those charges were routine, boring allegations of political malfeasance. Promises were made, donations were solicited and “favors” were done.

But not all of the transactions involved cash going into campaign war chests. There were alleged “favors” involved as well. This brought Gabi Grecko into court to tell her tale. Ms. Grecko is a former professional “lady of the evening” and claims that Reichberg loaded her on a plane to Vegas where her “services” were to be offered to any of the City Hall donors and influencers who were interested. (New York Post)

Gabi Grecko’s testimony in Manhattan federal court largely tracked with an exclusive interview she gave The Post in 2016.

She testified Thursday that Reichberg took her on the junket to service “anyone who asked,” and once there she wound up bunking with disgraced NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant in a small room at the MGM Grand.

While Grant’s lawyers claimed in opening statements that he never slept with the pro, Grecko said “yes” when asked if she had “sexual activity” with Grant on the Sin City trip. She also copped to “sexual contact” with Grant, Reichberg and Rechnitz, but not the other passengers — Det. Michael Milici and Rechnitz-pal Marco Franco.

It’s generally considered poor form to kiss and tell (or do much more than simply kissing), so why is the Manhattan prostitute turning state’s evidence now? As it turns out, when they returned from the trip to Vegas, Reichberg paid her $1,500, a sum which she felt was insufficient for the number of men she had to service over the course of the trip. There’s certainly some lesson about a woman scorned here, but it’s probably best not to delve too deeply into it for a PG-13 audience.

What the heck has been going on down at City Hall in New York these past few years? Particularly in the Big Apple, I think we always expect a certain amount of bribery, corruption and greasing of palms, but this is turning into the script for some sort of Boss Hawg movie. Can’t you people just write the politicians a check like normal grifters and be done with it? We’re talking about the government of the most populous city in the country. It really shouldn’t look like a scene from Porky’s.


democraps are not only corrupt liars..they are skin flints.