Author Topic: Watch a liberal nit-wit dance like a fool  (Read 1965 times)

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Re: Watch a liberal nit-wit dance like a fool
« Reply #90 on: December 06, 2017, 05:36:50 PM »
I want to know why you call Realityhasaliberalbias "BaGua",
--Because that's the name I first knew him by.

because you never call Federalist by his former moniker "Tyler Durden,"
--I never knew him as "Tyler Durden". 

nor Hurricanepuke by his original screen name, either.
--hurricanehook is his original screen name   

In fact, Doug Rich has several former names as well.
--I never knew him by anything other than "DougRich".

It's only with so-called liberals that you do this with.
--I apply the same method for everyone.

If it's a thing to be mocked for them, the same goes with so-called conservatives here.
--I apply the same methods for everyone.

I have the idea that you think there is something deficient in character about a forum member choosing a new name.
--Can't get one by you, can I, dalib.

Usually they are just bored with their old one,
--Oh my!

or just trying to make the experience more entertaining for themselves and others.
--I guess one man's idiocy is another man's 'entertainment'.

But you think it's a thing to be mocked.
--Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?

Aren't Catholics also Christians,
--Both of those words describe the same thing.

and didn't Jesus teach to treat others as you would like to be treated.
--Yep. And if anyone here ever catches me trying to change my screen name, please hasten to mock me back into normal behavior.

Yet you consistently ignore that basic idea here.
--I consistently endorse that idea here. (See my above post).

You thrive on provoking people to anger.
--I thrive on pointing people toward the truth. It's true that many of them are angered by that, but that is neither my desire nor my fault.

Where did Jesus say to be an asshole?
--Nowhere that I know of.

And another thing.  Putting my name in quotes is OK for a day or two, but to do it without fail five years running is pathological.
--No, changing your screen name in an attempt to hide your pasts is pathological.

It's really weird.  No wife could stand to live with a person like that.
--I guess that's why you never married.

You take this forum much too seriously.
--You'll never catch me carrying on the way you are right now.

You argue for argument's sake.
--I argue for two reasons:

1)  To test my ideas and conclusions against those of others. If and when someone proves mine to be wrong - I resolve to change them. It's called 'learning'. I've been doing it since I was a wee lad. It's how I went from being ignorant to being liberal to being conservative to being reactionary.

2)  To try and conform people to my ideas and conclusions. If they stand up to the arguments of others, then they must be superior. If those endowed with logic can see that, then they'll change the way they think to adapt a better idea.

Boffo has passed away.
--As if you'd be the guy around here chosen to receive the death notice.

That should be a wakeup call to you.
--I'm wettin' my pants, dalib.

We're on this planet a limited time.
--And then we're in the next life for eternity.

If you want to use up that time posting quotation marks, I'd rethink that if I were you.   :-X
--I'm using that time to work out my salvation. If that involves being an example on a discussion forum where a few average schmucks may eventually become curious enough to inquire about eternal things, then I'm not exactly wasting my time.

I'm under no illusion that you will take any of this seriously and change your ways.
--You have the acumen of a first class sleuth, dalib.

You're too far gone for that, and that's part of the pathology.
--Ya finished?
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