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DC suddenly falls silent
« on: June 18, 2017, 08:57:54 AM »
DC Suddenly falls silent
WOW it's like 2am Novebmer 8, 2016 at the Hillary campaign office all over again. Silence! Can you hear that? Total Silence. A new special council is being set up to investigate Lynch and the Clintons. Boy those phone calls must have gone out to Mueller quickly form the Clinton Foundation offices eh?

BREAKING : Republicans Call for TruthFeed

And so here we are again at a Crossroads that everyone should have seen coming and yet so very few did. The parallex showdown of the "It's different " catechism. Seems more or less familiar no? The same damn view from the same damn hilltop with the same damn double standard raging in the same damn cauldron of damn sameness....ayup!!

The problem with moral High Ground is that 99% of the time it is constructed of empty soap boxes. Occasionally there is real cause for righteous outrage. However more often than not we find that it's just one group of people pretending that they do not possess the very same faults, imperfections and flaws that every other group of people possesses.

Is it not wondrous the deafening Silence from DC?????.... now that the microscope has been refocused right back on the tribe of cannibalistic crazies who have been absolutely frothing at the mouth with Trump derangement syndrome as if they had no Achilles heels of Their Own?

I almost have to wonder if Rosenstein didn't stoke the fires chaos and Frenzy just so he could reach a certain fever pitch level from which to leverage accusations against the DNC that they could no longer defend because of their own venture into the torrid Waters of absolute judgmental-ism. It's never a good idea to embrace an absolute albeit the most tempting of double standard morsels there before the chooser of all things moral and immoral no?

If that is indeed the case then Mr. Rosenstein is a chess player par extraordinaire and he has craftily played lefty to the beat of his very own war drums.'s a work of art to be remembered.

Listen closely the silence is eerie.

Silencio absoluto Amigos!
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Re: DC suddenly falls silent
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