Author Topic: A friend of mine just sent me this e-mail.....  (Read 197 times)

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A friend of mine just sent me this e-mail.....
« on: June 18, 2017, 08:10:23 PM »
....I thought maybe you folks would enjoy reading it! I agree with the author 100%! GHQ

 Our only investigation is in the ballot box (which suddenly has become a case of the bullet box). We used to depend upon the MSM, the Times, Post, WSJ, LA Times, and lots of other reputable print journalism, along with the big electronic media outlets of CNN; NBC; CBS; ABC. CBS's 60-Minutes Program was always advocacy journalism, uncovering corruption in business, government - an excellent show, with hosts with integrity. But, as we have seen, that entire 4th Estate, that used to pride itself on truth, and integrity, has not only fallen off the pedestal they used to operate from, they took a full gainer dive from the top of the integrity pedestal into the slime of FAKE NEWS, over two of the most corrupt, disgusting, entitled people ever to gain public office in America - Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

They probably would have been satisfied with a Clinton win, which was her "right" according to every media and political narrative since 2004, when the DNC stepped in and took it away from her in favor of Obama, who won on rhetoric and color. The only person who ever really was entitled to the Presidency, IMHO, following politics all these years, would have been Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota. Man would have been an excellent President, and so would Robert F. Kennedy. Unfortunately neither got the chance. The person who could have had the Presidency by coronation, I believe, had he ever indicated he wanted it, was John F. Kennedy, Jr. His death in a private aircraft crash in the Atlantic, still a bit fishy IMO, particularly since they found the bodies (Clinton ordered the Navy to locate them), and than immediately cremated them, so he has no burial ground. Oh - I guess one could look at the conspiracy theories and say the Hillary Clinton or her minions might have been responsible, pushing the man aside who could wipe her political ambitions off the face of the nation easily, but we will never know. Wouldn't put it past her, considering the Vince Foster death, but not provable, and only the conspiracy crowd would look closely at it.

From 2004 with an unvetted, failed Obama administration to eight years later, had someone like a Rubio; Kasich; Christie; Jeb Bush upset her in the Presidential race, the left would have bitched, the media wouldn't have been real kind, but they would have gone along easily with the verdict. Candidates like that a prefab, moulded out of what the media and citizenry have been told politicians should be like in America. Even President Bush II, fit the mould, without much training for the office (ran a baseball team, and was Texas Governor, a state where all political power resides with the Legislature). Congress? Running with a 9-12% approval rating as Do-Nothing's, hasn't changed one bit. Their interests always come before the citizen's. People like John McCain are considered honorable. If we ever planted American troops everywhere McCain wanted to put them - we would bleed an entire three generations of our youth to death. His latest "line in the sand" against Russia? Moldavia???? Hell we are stuck defending Poland, and other Warsaw Pact nations admitted to NATO now. Countries like that, with close physical geographic and trade ties to Russia, should do what Switzerland does, declare neutrality, and work with the EU and the Russians. Poland itself has disappeared from the map of Europe dozens of times in history - but I digress, sorry!

What the left got in the last election, was one of the most well known, talented, unafraid, unconventional, former Democrat, NYC icon, reality show, real estate mogul, in Donald J. Trump, a man more well known in America than Hillary Clinton ever was. Nixon - after he was out of office. Even Oprah and Barbara Walters did "Specials" on him a number of times when the Presidential election years came up, urging him to run. Everyone seemed to approve. All the monied interests of the Democratic Party, its candidates, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Cuomo, Chuck Schummer, went to him for contributions. Bill Clinton twice in the Presidential race, and Hillary twice in the Senate races in NYS, and he gave it freely. Trump was a lobbyist. When you operate a world wide business, you contribute to both sides, to insure you have a voice when your business needs a favor in Washington, or around the world, and Trump was known around the world. In essence, Trump contributions would mirror Hillary Clinton's "pay to play" formula of mega billions collected for a voice in the White House when she won. The difference being Mr. Trump was a private citizen, Clinton was at the highest level of American politics - a Cabinet post - in line for the Presidency as Secretary of State. That is the difference, and all of her dealing were and are illegal, but nobody, is going to call her on it.....

Watching the media fail to vette Obama (or Clinton really), and watching Mitt Romney, who probably would have made a perfectly decent President, that the MSM and left would accept (they could work with a Romney), throw the GOP under the bus to Obama, with the media's help, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in 2008 lit a fire under Donald J. Trump. I am sure that horrible disgrace the left pulled at the Washington correspondent's dinner (when Obama and everyone else, personally humiliated him in public, on television), had a lot to do with his decision to run also.

So he ran. He understood the problems in America. He rallied the voices of those unheard in Washington for generations, knocked off 16 competitor's for the office, insulted many of them - berated snotty reporters, wasn't exactly kind to women in the media, even less to the MSM anyways, as he outlined Obama's faults and mistakes, and challenged mainstream thinking of the coastal liberals, with real solutions to America's problems. In Truman-fashion, he gave the forgotten "deplorables" of flyover America (always like to note the new words invented in politics); a voice, appealed to the "Silent Majority" long forgotten; accomplished things in running for office - and stunned the nation, and the left, with an upset win, of huge proportions, which will go down in history as epic in its surprise. He accomplished more during his time as President-elect, IMO, than Obama ever did in 8-years in office. Obama being such a huge disappointed, with the opportunity to heal so many of America's problems, he went rogue left, and exacerbated every aspect of American prestige, and doubled-down on inciting racial tensions. History will not treat the guy well.......

Suddenly - America has Donald J. Trump in office as President of the United States. The man the media lavished more attention on in the election than anybody; the man the media repeatedly cried weekly during the campaign that "this is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump." The man who handed the left its biggest defeat since Harry S. Truman knocked off Tom Dewey in 1948 (an election that most people who are not familiar with it, may want to read about). I always thought Bill O'Reilly or Newt Gingrich should write a book about Truman and his term of 7-years - in the great category of President's. Trump has the same opportunity, and is facing the same opposition Truman did from the opposite direction.

We have two courses of action. Trump succeeds, or the left succeeds. My bet is on Donald Trump, I do not think mainstream America is soooooo stupid and deplorable, as to buy into the MSM litany of doom and gloom. The people are not going to outs Trump in 2018 for the Democrats, who have abandoned ALL legitimacy with their narrative. When the DOJ gets moving on investigations, Clinton and Obama need to lawyer up (another new legal term). But with the Mueller investigation - he isn't going to go after them - he is going to engage in almost immediate "mission creep" and start subpoenas for everyone in the West Wing of the White House, and the RNC. Trump would be a fool, which he isn't, to go under oath and speak to him or any of the people working for him.

However, the DOJ can authorize another Special Counsel to specifically look at the Clinton, the Clinton Fund, Obama (even his birther issues has come back up recently), the Vince Foster case; the litany of hate from the left which has turned to bullets; the murder of the staffer of the DNC in Washington (since when does the media stay silent on murder)? And now, attempted assassination of 1/3 of the House of Representatives by left leaning anarchists, listening to the Democratic Party, Deep State, MSM mantra of eliminate Trump.

America is in good hands with Mr. Trump in the White House, as long as he doesn't let all the little insults of the left effect him - just has to be a bit more disciplined, he has total access to more American's than any politician or media outlet ever has, because he mastered the internet. Obama did the same thing mastering it and mainstream media in 2004 and 2008 with a superb "ground game" which carried an inexperienced junior Senator, with no leadership talent, but wonderful rhetoric, who just happened to be Black, into the Oval Office. Hillary? She didn't bother to use that same ground game that got Obama elected, and ran on her sense of entitlement, and "it's my turn" while Trump ran on issues critical to the survival of this country. Trump won - he continues to push his narrative - the left and the Democrats are irrelevant in today's society.

Finally, quickly changing the left's narrative, Trump should lay off the tweets, unless he has a policy he wants to announce. Ordering the DOJ to start investigations, or announcing the appointment of another Special Counsel to look at the media; reopen the Clinton narrative of her time as Secretary of State; the violations and violence of the DNC during the election; James Comey reign at the FBI, and toss CNN and CBS out of the White House by pulling their press credentials would be excellent first moves. The Mueller investigation is going after Trump (although Mueller himself is pretty honest, he is tight with Comey).

When it comes to Congress? It appears we have a bad trade on our hands. Diane Feinstein calling for another Special Counsel, if she did (appears she is the ONLY Senator in Congress with any integrity left) - for John McCain, the old warmonger. You know, we should have suspected what the MSM would do when faced with someone that scared them (as Trump has), just by observing how horrible they tore down Sarah Palin in 2004. She was the only person on the ticket that scared the left, and she isn't anyway's near what they portrayed her as.

Well - bad trades and strange bedfellows occur in politics as they do in baseball. Citing the wonderful baseball movie "Bull Durham" - Milt Papas for Frank Robinson? Sheesh. It will be interesting - I just hope it doesn't go viral and violent......... Stan .....

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Re: A friend of mine just sent me this e-mail.....
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 07:51:02 AM »
You might want to check with the PC patrol on this one. Might need a link?  ;D

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Re: A friend of mine just sent me this e-mail.....
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2017, 08:22:11 AM »
You might want to check with the PC patrol on this one. Might need a link?  ;D

It is just a chain email, a posting with no merit.  Though her plagiarism on another thread was pretty blatant and ugly.
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